I have never been so excited to receive the phone call that my best friend was in labor. I was on call to watch her daughter..scratch that…my husband was on call to watch all of the kids so that I could photograph her birth!

I receive birth inquiries weekly and unfortunately have to refer those clients elsewhere. Birth Photographers are no joke because they are on call for 4+ weeks! Having two little ones of my own with very busy schedules, it is almost impossible for me to schedule birth clients.

I received a call that evening around 7:30pm to start heading to Puyallup to pick up their daughter because Kayla was in labor! She was only at a 4cm but her contractions were so strong they decided to admit her.

I took my time (first mistake), grabbed my photography gear and got my family situated before taking off. Of course, I got stuck in construction traffic on the way (second mistake) and by that point it was 8:30pm and she was laboring in the tub.

My plan was to pick up their daughter, get her home and in bed then head back to the hospital to document her birth.


She received her epidural and was in a lot of pain. Her daughter and husband were waiting outside for my arrival. She was at 6cm.


I arrived to the hospital. I loaded up the carseat and her sleepover bag, made sure Vesta gave goodbye snugs to dad (she was very excited for her first sleepover!) and I let him know to keep me updated with any changes.

Typically I arrive to the hospital when clients get to 6cm. But she was already there. Would I make it all the way back to Yelm and back to the hospital in time? Do I risk it? That was 45 minutes minimum each way! So here I was at 9 o clock that night, calling my husband to load up our kids and meet me half way. I was 25min from the hospital and just switched vehicles when I received the text…



Baby is coming!


My gps says I was 10 minutes away. You guys, the anxiety was real.

I parked at the E.R entrance and it was a marathon I never planned on running. But oh did I run. I ran through the emergency room to get to the labor and delivery unit. I found their room and walked in (trying to collect myself) as she was pushing. But I made it.

Kayla was so strong through her labor, pushing and the act birth itself! She is one of the strongest women I know, so this came to no surprise. She was confident and controlled. Her husband was beyond supportive giving her the encouragement she needed the whole time.

Baby’s head is right there! You can do this. You got this! He is right there!

She turned to her husband and said “We did it”. He replied with such a smile…

You did it

Birth is an amazing event to be a part of and witness. You witness the love between the parents. You witness the new love between the parents and baby. You witness life.


May 23rd, 2019. What a wonderful day. The day you were born.

Welcome to the world sweet Baby Orion.