There is nothing like capturing a gorgeous woman in the early stages of labor at her home birth space. Even after having contractions all day, she still looked unbelievably stunning! We now wait for baby to make his arrival…

and we wait...

Shannon is the owner and face behind Feel Good Wellness. Feel Good Wellness is not only an amazing business, but a community offering alternative health products.

We believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind and body are completely healthy.

The goal at Feel Good Wellness is to provide alternative medicine that will reverse and prevent disease. Their results have proven the best way to heal the natural body is, naturally, without relying on industrial produced pharmaceuticals. However, they do understand that not all products work for everyone and carry a variety of products that will suite your individual health needs.

I have never met a mama more determined to create her perfect space and advocate for herself during her pregnancy. She decorated and designed her greenhouse and space to have the home birth of her dreams. I am honored to have been chosen to photograph this moment when the time comes.


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