Christmas Mini Event 2019 | Stephanie Ratto Photography

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Christmas Mini Event 2019 | Stephanie Ratto Photography

My Christmas Mini Sessions will take place at a gorgeous local tree farm that I have exclusive access to

October 26th & 27th!


I will be offering limited session dates this year and am so excited to announce that


For only $150 you will receive a 15 minute session experience with Santa and our classic ford truck with 1 fully retouched high resolution digital image and a set of 25 customized Christmas cards. 10 minutes of your session will be for portraits and the additional 5 will be for interaction with Santa.


Packages with additional Christmas Cards, High Resolution Digital Images and Heirloom gifts will be available the day of your session.

  I will have a custom set up (as long as there is no rain) on the tailgate of a Classic White Ford Truck showcasing the tree farm in the background!

Why waste time at the mall? Come early. to see Santa and have your Christmas Cards ready to mail out for the Holiday Season!

Email with the Subject CHRISTMAS MINI’s to book and secure your time slot. First come first serve for session times and dates.

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Before and After | Maternity Session | Stephanie Ratto Photography


Before and After | Maternity Session | Stephanie Ratto Photography


I love being able to share with you the hard work that goes into each and every portrait! It is my hopes that you will fall in love with every single image from your gallery because you’ll see just how stunning and beautiful you are during this amazing time in your life. There is nothing like carrying a baby inside you. What you see isn’t always what I see. I see something so much more and I am here to show you just how perfect you are in a timeless captured moment.

When purchasing your portraits through Stephanie Ratto Photography each fine art product comes with a master art retouching service to be sure that your portrait is display ready in whatever print medium you choose.

This mama had green as a gown color option that she would have liked to wear during her session. We however ended up with two different gown colors due to the gown styles.

I had to be sure she had that perfect portrait of her wearing green. It compliments the scenery, her skin tone and hair flawlessly! Wouldn’t you say so?


Kayla's Birth Story From Behind the Lens | Stephanie Ratto Photography


Kayla's Birth Story From Behind the Lens | Stephanie Ratto Photography


I have never been so excited to receive the phone call that my best friend was in labor. I was on call to watch her daughter..scratch that…my husband was on call to watch all of the kids so that I could photograph her birth!

I receive birth inquiries weekly and unfortunately have to refer those clients elsewhere. Birth Photographers are no joke because they are on call for 4+ weeks! Having two little ones of my own with very busy schedules, it is almost impossible for me to schedule birth clients.

I received a call that evening around 7:30pm to start heading to Puyallup to pick up their daughter because Kayla was in labor! She was only at a 4cm but her contractions were so strong they decided to admit her.

I took my time (first mistake), grabbed my photography gear and got my family situated before taking off. Of course, I got stuck in construction traffic on the way (second mistake) and by that point it was 8:30pm and she was laboring in the tub.

My plan was to pick up their daughter, get her home and in bed then head back to the hospital to document her birth.


She received her epidural and was in a lot of pain. Her daughter and husband were waiting outside for my arrival. She was at 6cm.


I arrived to the hospital. I loaded up the carseat and her sleepover bag, made sure Vesta gave goodbye snugs to dad (she was very excited for her first sleepover!) and I let him know to keep me updated with any changes.

Typically I arrive to the hospital when clients get to 6cm. But she was already there. Would I make it all the way back to Yelm and back to the hospital in time? Do I risk it? That was 45 minutes minimum each way! So here I was at 9 o clock that night, calling my husband to load up our kids and meet me half way. I was 25min from the hospital and just switched vehicles when I received the text…



Baby is coming!


My gps says I was 10 minutes away. You guys, the anxiety was real.

I parked at the E.R entrance and it was a marathon I never planned on running. But oh did I run. I ran through the emergency room to get to the labor and delivery unit. I found their room and walked in (trying to collect myself) as she was pushing. But I made it.

Kayla was so strong through her labor, pushing and the act birth itself! She is one of the strongest women I know, so this came to no surprise. She was confident and controlled. Her husband was beyond supportive giving her the encouragement she needed the whole time.

Baby’s head is right there! You can do this. You got this! He is right there!

She turned to her husband and said “We did it”. He replied with such a smile…

You did it

Birth is an amazing event to be a part of and witness. You witness the love between the parents. You witness the new love between the parents and baby. You witness life.


May 23rd, 2019. What a wonderful day. The day you were born.

Welcome to the world sweet Baby Orion.



Waiting on baby... | PNW Maternity Photographer | Feel Good Wellness | Stephanie Ratto Photography

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Waiting on baby... | PNW Maternity Photographer | Feel Good Wellness | Stephanie Ratto Photography

There is nothing like capturing a gorgeous woman in the early stages of labor at her home birth space. Even after having contractions all day, she still looked unbelievably stunning! We now wait for baby to make his arrival…

and we wait...

Shannon is the owner and face behind Feel Good Wellness. Feel Good Wellness is not only an amazing business, but a community offering alternative health products.

We believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind and body are completely healthy.

The goal at Feel Good Wellness is to provide alternative medicine that will reverse and prevent disease. Their results have proven the best way to heal the natural body is, naturally, without relying on industrial produced pharmaceuticals. However, they do understand that not all products work for everyone and carry a variety of products that will suite your individual health needs.

I have never met a mama more determined to create her perfect space and advocate for herself during her pregnancy. She decorated and designed her greenhouse and space to have the home birth of her dreams. I am honored to have been chosen to photograph this moment when the time comes.


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