This may be a stupid question, but do you do the pose with baby’s head rested in their hands like they are holding themselves up? Do you just let them balance?

This was a question that I was recently asked during a client consultation regarding their newborn portrait session. 


Some photographers get baby balanced enough and let go just long enough to take a picture. Sadly yes, this happens. A lot can happen in a split second.

I would rather take the additional time post processing than risk injury to your sweet baby. 

Safety is always my number one priority here at Stephanie Ratto Photography as your Puyallup, newborn photographer. I know my little one's parents are always at ease during their newborn session because hands are always on or near baby at all times and baby is NEVER left unattended.  

*You can see below, the edited image from above, where I composite two images together to make it appear baby is holding her head up.*

I really want _______ pose! Can you make sure to get it? is the thing...Baby is boss during their session. I watch and listen for their cues and never force them into any position. 

Every baby is unique and not all babies will go into the same pose. That doesn't mean that we won't get amazing portraits capturing all of their loving newborn details. There is still such perfection when it comes to a baby in their natural sleeping position.

Can I bring my own props?

Of course! I love being able to capture YOUR family. As long as I feel it is 100% safe and I can achieve the pose, then I am happy to include any special props. 

Are you vaccinated?



I sure am! I am up to date on all of my vaccines. I understand and know babies haven't had time to build up their little immune systems and always keep my hands sanitized during your session. If there is any doubt that I may be sick, your session will be rescheduled. 


These are just some of my most frequently asked questions regarding newborn portrait sessions. If you have your own questions to ask, please never hesitate. 


To anyone looking to book a newborn session for your little one, either with Stephanie Ratto Photography or with any Photographer: 

Never feel stupid asking questions regarding your newborn and his or her safety.


Your Baby Thanks You. 


Do you feel that I may be the right photographer for you during this special time in your life? Please follow this link to get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you!