Today is the day. You are the big one. I can't quite put it in words about how incredibly fast this year has gone by. I have probably sang "Happy Birthday" to you about 10 times since you woke up and I love that every time I begin you look at me with your toothy smile. You probably smile just to make me happy, or maybe because if you think you smile big enough my off key singing will come to a halt...think again son. 

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You have taught me so much from the moment you were born. You have taught me to not have expectations. Yes, I may have imagined you to have dark hair and eyes like your sister, but out came 7lbs 11oz of blonde hair and blue eyed perfection. I may have expected you to sleep as great as your sister did (ya right!), or I may have expected you to have troubles nursing...well, let's just say we have had zero problems with that (and no end in sight). But never did I expect how much you would make me laugh or how many cuddles you need or how much you love anything with a motor (thank you Ratto gene pool). You have taught me to be patient. Your middle of the night cries for comfort really tested that patience, but I will take in the snuggles while I can. You have taught me that you really do grow up way to fast, but no matter how big you may be getting I still look at you like the newborn baby boy I held 1 year ago from today. 

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I love the way you look at your sister. I knew from the moment I had you, that you two would be best of friends. Now that you are walking and trying to keep up with her, you two have more fun than ever. Keep laughing and loving. I love both of your laughs. Be sweet to one another (even though you gave her the right hook yesterday for trying to kiss you) and always make up to each other after a fight. 

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This year has been amazing, full of snuggles, exhausting, eventful and even crazy at times. But, all in all it has been adventurous. Never lose your wonder little man. Climb every mountain until you reach the top. Happy First Birthday Carson Joseph. 

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